Prayer Request

Prayer Request

We’d love to pray with you! If you are in need of prayer, please submit your prayer request below and you will be placed on our prayer list. If you have chosen the “DO NOT Share This” option, someone from our ministerial alliance department will pray for you. May God Bless You and Keep You.

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I'm asking for someone to intercede on behalf of my family and I. It's been very hard and extremely challenging with things continually getting worst. My family & I have be plagued with the spirit of witchcraft, believe when I say it is not as a result of us "doing" persons anything. My son is 9 years old, he can't speak and has episodes when he is out, therefore he often stays at home. He can't go to school, he can't go to church, he can't help himself much and it causes us complete distress. His dad does not help much and has shied away because of his condition, leaving the burden on my mother and I. It was recently discovered that my son is that we've asked for, he is still in this condition. I must give thanks to God, it was way worst, with sleepless nights of screaming and yelling and crying, he is a bit better now.

I have not shared this with much people until today, we have gotten prophecies of things getting better and my son regaining his mind, we hold onto God's word but it is extremely hard, and it's as if the night is never ending.

On top of it all, I found my own life going around in a cycle, when it comes to my finances, relationships even my job everything is a stand still, I work twice as hard for everything I have, while persons who don't even try, accomplish more than I do. It's recently been revealed that I was cursed, so that I would not be prosperous.

Person's say " Pray and reverse it", I'm here to say not everything in the spiritual worst is as simple as that. There are levels of witchcraft and spirituality that most Christians don't know, and the sad part about it is they will never know it even exist, I can tell you, just as how we say there are deeper depths and higher heights in God, it's the same in the Kingdom of darkness.

With all said, I ask for your prayers of Strength, Speedy Deliverance, and the Peace of God. Thank

Received: August 5, 2022

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