Prayer Request

Prayer Request

We’d love to pray with you! If you are in need of prayer, please submit your prayer request below and you will be placed on our prayer list. If you have chosen the “DO NOT Share This” option, someone from our ministerial alliance department will pray for you. May God Bless You and Keep You.

Baptiste Lafferrerie

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

I pray that R finds faith from him, that we can re-engage, re-marry, love again, MSBWADQ, HUBBA, MSKYALYALMAAU, R, MSAADCNAGTSAFM, MEWFHH!! MSCBAWS!! LIP, may the Lord unite families, marriages, churches. MEBA!! MWHPA!! MSR, GHLJCEDPLALC, HHIHLAJAN, HHNBIAFABAHHS, HUIPTCATC, HHSAFFAYABAAFHG!! HHHCR, HUDAHAAGC!! HEHCRAON, HUOOMAEAS!! MEKUABF!! CGOAWT !!HUBIPARWE, MEMRWY, MAMARCM !! SBC, SYAAPASAE, DA, D, MTFR!! BTFOYPOYAASAC!! HUDSOTPAGUGM!! GEYD!! MEPB!! MPBIIYAIU!! BAHTS!! G!! HUWJAD, HTWSU!! HURABIPWE!! CPAHUO, HUWSAAAM!! MSBMPIFMASAS!! I pray that she loves you and that EMCBSAAYWAE, GLTBATH!! ANDYCD!! HUHC!! WHAT!! HHWHLW, HUHS!! HTW HHNSAO ABWA!! BOF!! GUC HUPOB !!ATCC, HUNHA, HURASG !! MONGTCAEMWC!! MEROGAC!! HUWOO !! QTLHCTNYNQ!! I pray that she returns to church and serves, along with all of our loved ones! HUWMT!! HOW!! GULPASALC, MESYYF, GUTHSHAEHAPH!! SPAI!! HUFAAHGRWEABIP!! HUUFD!! HUSAPATIC!! BHUFGMOG!! CVD !! HUCCAP!! HUDGM, HUFSJ, HUHGPB!! May all men love you and adore you, convert!! MERBALGAHUFBAM!! HESAFJ, MSHHGS!! MONAEBB!! MEBIHIOHIOHATU, POB, GUD, SUPUYAMEEIHGACC!! HUHHWC, RP!! HUPHAPIFL!! HUMPDTTWASAETASRTWANS!! WOW!! HURPACTCDARAL, HUNHQ ! HUWISACQARCJTO!! GUGFAGSPAG!! MGPR, MCCTH, HURH, HUDMUU!! HUWSB!! HSAPNCTBSPCCTUATY!! HOPATWC!! HUWTV, HUWOALP, HUWB, May our loved ones know and love you, MMAE MEKAEIHDC!! CUWSAJ, MWHPA, HUWS, HURGAMABOF!! HUHI !! SYAAYGAPWS (B, MDA, L, D, C,LP, JPC, CNEF, P, C, L, L, G, B, SB, T, G, TWC, H, C, R, L, P, I, T, M, J, LPDLE, A,E, A, L, BK, E, M, M, F, Thouars, FES, JDP, P, FP, J,B, A, B, J, E, B, B, J, A, Y, L, C, E, B, L, R, B, J, FR, L, M, P, TV, R, B, D, A, P, S, ADJ, R, L,M, AEA, L,n G, V, MDLB, CG, E, SG, C, T, M, P, E, Y, EMCI V, R, H/M, M, MG, M, CNEF, ADD, AECM, A, LF, C, SLST, P, A, L, M, LRSY, FEL, L, B, D, R, R/N, B, A, LP, M, V, Sl, C, L, EPENB, CR, JEL, R, B, ADD, B, C, A, A, S, P, H/M, P, A, A, R, V, CSC, EM, E, M, H, R, B, M, B, F, H, M, A, FLA, T, RDS, R, N, LH, V, S, P, A, CM, M, C, I, MG, EU, N, A, D, M, M, R, NS, FEC, V, L, L PS,IB, IBG, EDN D, F, C, T, C, S, DS, MT, P, NA, P, B, C, U, S, B, NA, M, B, BT, D, MM, C, R, C, LP, L, CF, A, AF, T, G, R, J, N, ITB, M, ADD, CNEF, CNED, C, L, C, JPC, P, C, M, I, H/M, M, neighbors, neighborhoods, family, friends, SB, Ah, J, M, C, I, A, V, LH, VSB, P, G, B, Mcdo, C, L, C, B, A, M, MS, MFR, Q, J, M, L, MFR, B, RE, A, E, SLST, C, Q, LH, M, L, M, J, LJC, V, N, N, P, L, M, L, FOP, V, J, F, B, V, AG, RV, G, L, T, B, D, BT, J, MG, C, S, M, SS, Q, CN, E, S, M, C, M, Y, Y, Y, G, C, R, A, S, FR, 2C12,A, CC, AD, L, B, A, B, C, R, J, B, L, V, TC, B, B, EC, Q, RDA, M, S, C, P, J, A, PED, E, B, L, W, MEM, PDLL, LP, R, S, P, A, M, E, HMEP, T, A, F, V, LRSY, T, A, GDM, F, B, V, VEL, MFR, WU, O, A, D, FR, S, L, CSC, B , A, P, B, F, T, L, D, F, B, LM, N, EPENB, M, CAEF, B, AB, E, P, W, A, L, WC, EPENBFH, I, LRSY, M, T, L, S, A, M, F V, V, M, , FLA, R, M , B, CR, J, B, M , M, R, K, FH, G, E, CQD, CDR, RH, EP, D, R, S, FMM, C, A, B, B, M, F, B, M, V, HUHGB, LH , LRSY, LSDC, M, C, AB, A G, UC, E, Cn, EC, EP, V, J, H, O, H, JM, B, A, Y, G, I, IDCEDO, S, F , L, S, G, B, M, BK, E, FEL, M, S, L, S, B, N, T, A, D, I, P, JM, A, R, G, L, T , C, JM, L, E54, authorities, ES, ISFEC, IB, IBG, management, university, employers, BK, Mcdo, Aecm, Caef, AB, Cnef, TE, M, M, A, ADD, Bautistas, GP , mechanics/computer technicians, merchants... ). HUDS, HUWNAFSAAS, MERRHAEAR!! SAOFTWG!! MR !! WOW!! HURDR, OPHUFG, HUDNYUWI, HUNEINA, OE, HUFOPG!! HUNAAHSAS!! GUG!! MTCTUMGPCMWSAV !! HUDOPWD!! HUHSM, HUTGDAGE, HULOH, HUSTI, HUFGB, HUNSOA, HUCD, HUDABR, HUFBASAPC !! HUWFRAF!! HUNBDAAOPAFAE!! HOURS!! HURWE, MWEA!! HUDCC, HUHALOR, IGYC, Change of times and circumstances, laws, secularism, programs!! IGYJI!! HUWA19, VORAN!! OTPP!! Heal and save all the sick, homeless, parishes, employers, officials, administration!! Let no one report, help us with the judiciary and the administration!! May every woman have her husband!! HEARTS!! Help us with fear and dread, stress, anxiety, worry, paralysis, suffering!! IDAWTTATTAOM!! HURRY!! MEHH!! HUTPBIASOG, MEKHLLAPI, MWPTVABS, MEEIHGACAD, (H, S, QT, G, VW...) HUWCL !! BASO!! SPAGAM!! May he confirm dreams and prophecies and speak to all men, reassure all hearts!! MEHFAM!! GUD!! HURWEABIPWE!! Bless and save strengthen all your servants, singers, apostles, pastors and doctors, evangelists, prophets, teachers... Help us to be successful in our studies our S1, M1, M2, competitions, evaluations, help us to be strong in sports , in French, in history-geo, in, French, mathematics, English. May the Lord keep, strengthen and richly bless you!!

Received: May 13, 2022

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