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Prayer Request

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Single Tina

Please pray for me, I am being grossly sexually assaulted by members of the LGBTQ -- I need my own apartment. I applied, but I need a good job to sustain it. So these people wont have access to continue to abuse me.

I cant really give you names of the abusers. But I have some context about who they are. I actually know who some of them are. But others I don't. And that's why I have to keep praying.

It may actually be weird nurse Echo Narby Miles Griffin Allen. {not sure}

** I believe - they are sexually assaulting me because, they accused me of abusing kids, AND not receiving justice. -- Or for allowing kids to be abused, and not saying anything. ** Which is why the police would also abuse you. When I went to Mexico and was in immigration nine days, they would take our stool and place it in the youth to abuse them. ** A demonic spirit!

Also the surrogacy issue - people making children for the lgbtq who don't have context for their parentage, and they assume because my egg was stolen, or I was forced by the traffickers to wash them -- that I consented to their life, or wanted them - or knew about their abuse. **That's why I cant prey or take abused kids of Joe's or Tim's home - because I was accused of molestation - and I have a molestation verichip!**

But you all know that Dominque Side, Ashley Trump, and Kristen, they run surrogacy companies for the LGBTQ.

And I was in foster care, after I entered the USA in 1982, after coming in from Egypt - and - Germany. And it turns out that Carolyn Hoard [Mother to a Camia Hoard, gov. employee] must have signed some kind of form for me to donate my eggs.

Or Dominique thought I was one of Alex's sisters -- who signed to donate for 10k -

About my history...

I was abused as a kid, because my mother always said, she was carrying her aunt and uncle's baby. And that she was too young to be a mother. So she allowed me to be cared for by a monster named Diane the Tran, who has a brother named Tim.

My birth father has never met me. So he had no idea that I was being mistreated by these people, who ended up prostituting and traveling me all around Europe and some parts of the Middle East.

In fact, by the time I got to Australia, Mogadishu, and South Africa -- I was a missing child. And reentered the USA as a Canadian, with UN assistance. [Water passport -- so I will never be a US Citizen -- because I had UN assistance to enter the USA as a protected class - for a season] --- I entered as a German, Indian, Canadian, UN Refugee, and as a rescue from Libya. -- and there's other things there in the Foia that I dont know. But the State Department has a long form US Birth Certificate for me from India. Because I was deported there in 1980.

Im saying all of this because you must understand how the traffickers have so much power to victimize me. I could have died they placed stool from over 300 stray animals in my intestines...and raped me with stool from dead dogs, and other animals. I was very ill from that.

And now this one guy keeps raping me. I have told pastor about it. This lunatic keeps raping me and his signature is that he uses a device to overpower me, and he places animal stool in my anus and vagina. He hates women. He is trying to turn me into a dog, because he goes to dogs. He scratched the inside of my parts, to try and infect me. I had to try and wash the dog stool out, and it burned so bad I had sores inside both my parts. He mutilated my areas and cut the one back to the other. He raped dead bodies and raped me, my organ swole inside. Its demonic the guy needs serious prayer.

I'm saying all of this so you have context. People think I am trying to be fake by the way I act and talk, but for the most part I have been traveled by Communist Germans, from the former Soviet Germany. -- As it turns out they left the former Soviet Union and many of them documented with Ukraine or Russia, then legitimized their move to the USA by traveling to Israel. That is how I got the Israel tattoo on the back of my neck.

And so by 1983 when I re-entered the USA, Carolyn Hoard, who is Camia Hoard {gov employee's foster home, who took me to the YMCA}, and Kelly Reaper's relatives {the lawyers daughter who helped me get a diploma} --I was picked up by Jews for Jesus -- who helped me stay in the USA, but never documented me.

So I guess Camia, and Kelly, were subpoena's to test for HIV -- accused of spreading. So they told random people, and these raped kids [who are now adults] -- who are angry about abuse, and who may have been hiv washed, by me -- without my consent - or might have my stolen egg - that my HOLY TEMPLE (#LOL) -- IS AN ELEVATOR! NOW WHAT KIND OF SATANIC THING IS THAT? SO YOU CAN RAPE MY FRONT AND BACK AND LIFT FROM LOW IRON -- (SENTIMENT: (YOU BETTER GET SOME IRON PILLS - ))

This is just context so yall don't think I'm like cray, cray -- and if you do - it don't matter - because I know prayer works! And I know Jesus don't want people laying in my silly putty! Front or back. If a man cant respect me enough to wake me up to fornicate, he don't need to playing in my pants -- that's just how I feel! And I am too saved to elevate anything with my sexual organs!

So I'm-a need this rape devil to stop!

They get to me because I sleep outside -- yes saints -- on cardboard. Jordan was letting me stay with her, but I was still being raped! The lunatic guy put a heart monitor on me without my consent, and was turning it on and off to sexually assault me. They said he was so off, he was even at one point trying to consume my stool. That obsessed with me.

So they have been raping me, front and back -- because I sleep outside. They have placed animal stool from stray animals, rabid animals, and all kinds of trash in my back and front. They just placed dog stool in my uterus -- yes -- they go beyond my cervix, take fat out of my hips and butt, and place it in my stomach. They did a breast job on me, they have prostituted me.

There was a guy I met some years ago. He was a Tran. He was the son of a woman named Brandi Ward, or Judy. His name was Stacy. He had a transformation, sex change. And he asked to use my ID. As it turns out he married a man, using my ID. And I guess the man, all that time, thought he was married to me. So I wasn't sure if it was this guy raping me, that the Tran married, Nicky Stacy, or if it was the LGBTQ -- who were raping me to try and place, their stool on me, to get a child abuse confession from the stool, from any sex partner I might have.

Gay men who hate strait women can be down right vicious -

So I want prayer that this violence against my body stop immediately. he has lied and said he was my husband. But what kind of husband, takes his wife from a park bench, drugs, rapes, sexually assaults her, then takes her back to the park bench. And has her begging for food, and necessities.

So clearly this is demonic and the man needs to be stopped. He has issues.

If a man cannot approach me as a woman of God, and allow me to chose what I want to repent of, then he should not be touching me.

Let me show you how this devil is. They used to kill women after they raped them. Now they just rape them until they die!! This guy does not know the female body. But he is trying to kill me. And they think he's an officer. Because he has used his baton or an object like it to make a opening in my vagina up to my cervix. Who in the world would do that to a woman? [That is strait demonic!]

Received: September 20, 2022

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